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Opalescence Custom Whitening Trays

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If you are a patient of Wagner Dentistry in Las Vegas, NV, you already know that both Drs. Wade and Wayne Wagner, and their team, are dedicated to giving patients customized dental solutions. Whether it is handling general dentistry needs and then doing cosmetic work or offering restorative dentistry and then finishing it up with a few cosmetic dental flourishes, they create custom, individualized plans for every patien. However, if there is one universal treatment that almost all patients request, it is teeth whitening.

There are many ways that you will find such services offered in a dental office, but at Wagner Dentistry we offer two methods:

  • In office teeth whitening using Opalescence®
  • At home whitening using  Opalescence Go®

Both yield remarkable results, but if you want the fastest results it will come from booking an in office treatment. Let’s consider the pros and cons of each of our teeth whitening options.


Described as the treatment for those who want a truly brighter smile without much of a wait, this is a professionals-only approach to teeth whitening that you must have done at the dentist office. It uses fluoride and potassium nitrate that will not only whiten but actually improve the health of the teeth.

Because this process is chemically activated, you won’t have to suffer under some unusual and uncomfortable light or laser. Instead, the dentist will carefully apply the compound to your teeth (after using a special chart to document the whiteness of your teeth before the treatment) using a specialized brush. In less than an hour the compound is removed and your teeth will be several shades whiter. The results will last for an extensive period, especially if you do not smoke. The compound is also known to help lessen sensitivity, harden enamel and improve the health of the teeth. Opalescence® treatments are painless, easy, quick, and provides long lasting results.

Opalescence Go®

The at home kits you can obtain in our Las Vegas dental office are from Lumibrite and feature a set of custom made whitening trays (these are made when a dentist takes an impression of your upper and lower teeth and has special mouth guards made from them) along with the whitening gel. The gels can be chosen at different concentrations (32%, 22% and 16%) and these determine how long you will have to use the gels daily to whiten your teeth. The 32% takes only three minutes daily and in as little as two weeks, the teeth can be up to nine shades whiter.

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